Thin Wall Mould

    Abstract: Mitstrong Mould & Machine Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China thin wall mould manufacturers and suppliers, as a professional thin wall mould company, we have our own thin wall mould factory, which enables us to provide our customers cheap products with reliable quality. Welcome to wholesale products from us.
    Detailed description

    We can offer our customer the final product  as requiry also.
    Product Description 
    1). Material: Variouse plastic material  including ABS, AS, PPS, PP, POM, EVA, PC, PA, PMMA, PS, TPE, TPU, TPR and other  injected plastic material. 
    2). Process: Plastic Injection Molding; 
    3). Finish: Vacuum plating, electroplating,  painting, printing, texture and so on; 
    4). Machines: Different injection machines to  meet your needs of manufacturing different products; 
    5). Professional team: Experienced engineers,  strict QCs, skilled mould makers, trained product workers excellent management  with over 5 years' experience in engineering design, plastic mould and  injection moulding, plastic part production and assembly; 
    6). Application: All kinds of plastic injection  parts being used in a variety of applications including home use, industrial  use and so on; 
    7). Packaging: Inner packing--Polythene bags,  outer packing--Paper cases suitable for transportation by air or sea; 
    8). Competitive price, good quality, timely  delivery and professional service;

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