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    parts of a mold Inner Part Mould

    Abstract: Mitstrong Mould & Machine Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China inner part mould, automotive upholstery manufacturers and suppliers, as a professional inner part mould company, we have our own inner part mould factory, which enables us to provide our customers cheap products with reliable quality. Welcome to wholesale products from us.
    Detailed description

    Inner Part Mould

    Bumper  Mould, Grille Mould, Air Spoiler Mould, Side trim mould, ShockAbsorber Mould,  Fender protector mould, Other auto plastic mould, Interior Parts Mould,  Instrument Panel Mould, door trim mould, Glove box mould, Console Box Mould,  Cup holder mould, Column Cover Mould, Lateral Dash Board Mould, Airbag Switch  Cover Mould, Steering Wheel Mould, Air Ventilator Plastic Injection Mould,  Lighting System Mould, Front Lamp Mould, Rear Lamp Mould, Side Lamp Mould, Fog  Lamp Mould
    Product  Description
    Plastic auto rear lamp  mould/mold, auto tail lamp mold
    Processing capacity: Mold  design, mold making and plastic injection molding
    Material of Mould, 45#,  P20, 718, 718H, 2738, 2316, S136 and more kinds of material you can choose,
    Mould frame:  45Pre-hardened>30 HRC
    Cooling System:  Recirculating
    Medium-term treatment:  Tone quality, improve the hardness
    Post-processing:  Nitride(Nitriding temperature is low, deformation issmall, it is no longer the  need for quenching high surface hardness(over HV850) and wear
    Die  life: P20 Normal use no less than 30 million times
    Molding process  technology: Review plan--- Stock preparation--- Processing-- Rough mold base  --- Punch machining--- EDM die sinking--- Die Machining---Inspection---  Assembly--- Flight mode--- Tryout--- Customer confirm the sample--- producer of  delivery to the customer
    Transportation: In the  mold must be installed before shipment clamping piece, packing strong,  rust-proof, logistics and transport
    After-sales  service: Die 1 year repair, Free maintenance during warranty
    Note: Mold in the  production process, we have to offer die each week of progress and take  pictures

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