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Home Appliance MouldFor the style of the chair, the plastic chair mould includes the traditional style and personalized style.According to different customers, ourplastic chair moldincludes children plastic ...

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    Home Appliance Mould

    For the style of the chair, the plastic chair mould includes the traditional style and personalized style.
    According to different customers, our plastic chair mold includes children plastic chair  mould and adult plastic chair mould.
    Depending on location environment, our plastic chair mould includes indoor plastic chair mold and outdoor chair mould.
    According to the different requirements of customers, including plastic armchair  mould, plastic armless chair mould, etc.,  classic style and and the European plastic chair moldswith personality.
    During Manufacturing process, in order to have better cooling and high-speed injection molding, we tend to use beryllium copper on the top of the core in the plastic basket.
    About the cooling of Plastic basket molds: in generally we will use a recirculating,  improve product quality and the mode efficiency.
    By analysising all aspects of structure and product structure  for plastic basket mold (including:  a microcosm of the surface of the product,plastic mold Demoulding exhaust system design,  the design of gating system, cooling system design) we will trial out many  times for most important points and points which easily appear when making the  mold structure.
    In generally, for plastic basket mould,we recommended to use  718, Shanghai Baosteel P20 materials, because these two kinds of steel, notonly can improve the mold life, but also increase gloss of surface for parts from plastic basket mould injection  and it without a flash.
    Our Service:
    Process Service
    A. Product Reverse Engineering;Product  Design Optimization;
    B. The mould design with CAE analysis,  Shorten lead time,Improve molding efficiency;
    C. Communication on the technical points  in-time
    D. Weekly Reporter for you about the mould  machining progress and mould finishing schedule
    E. Mould test and sample delivery in-time.
    F. Supply trial molding parameters;
    G. Spare parts and detailed parts list;
    After-sale Service
    1) One-year warranty since the date of delivery (except manmade damages from  use)
    2)Under warranty, if customer encounters problem in mould quality, We shall supply  the componentsfree.
    3) Our experienced engineers will provide the technical solutions to any  problems occurred in customers' mould operation.

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